It started accidentally. My colleagues and I were standing outside the office, loading coffee in the morning. There are two selective garbage containers near, which are usually packed with some papers with outside-discuss stuff on it, and once the wind almost blew them right into the paper container. We laughed and said it is natural selection. Then I kept thinking on it, and this other idea came out. I made some sketches on the train, and tried it with a bunch of font faces, but then I decided to make the typo from folded paper stripes.

Baking of Recycle your lost games typo

The full slogan was Collect selectively & recycle your lost games, but then I shortened it to Recycle your lost games, because it just wasn't fit on the tee and Musu said the second part already contains the first, particularly with the graphics, and it will be clear this way too. I hope it does.

Now it's up for scoring on threadless:

Recycle your lost games - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Anyway, the approval of the design was never that fast, it took about 7 hours only. Nice work :]